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Pool Toy Shiba Inu VRChat Avatar

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Pool Toy Shiba Inu VRChat Avatar

Maitake Shiba 
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Pool Toy Shiba Inu avatar for VRChat (PC Avatar, very good full-body tracking)

  • 2d visemes, perfect for keeping the round toy look!
  • Contains sample scene, prefabs, and sample textures for the model for quick upload. Also contains a substance painter file and generated PSD files for recoloring or redesigning.
  • Contains SDK3 configured animations. There is togglable clothing (Sweatshirt + Sweatpants / thigh-highs + arm-warmers).
  • Contains UV layouts for use in more traditional image editing programs.
  • Substance files set up for easy color-picking recolors or for complex edits.
  • 7z files contain Substance Painter File for layered editing, PSDs for traditional layered editing, and UV maps for other texture creation. 

The model is provided as a single purchase as a license to use the files.

To use this model, you will need:

  • "New User" rank(blue)
  • A basic understanding of uploading VRChat avatars
  • Package import order:
  • Up-to-date VRCSDK3-Avatars
  • DynamicBone Package
  • Pool Toy Shiba unitypackage

With this model you may:

-take re-texture commissions only if both you and your client have purchased the Pool Toy Shiba asset, you can verify that that the client has purchased it by messaging me

-combine parts of my models or kit-bash onto or from other models as a commission only if both you and your client have purchased the Pool Toy Shiba asset

-create personal kit bashes with parts of the model or create personal modifications of the Pool Toy Shiba asset

With this model you may NOT :

-claim the model, base, or parts as your own, distribute files, or resell any parts or modifications of the Pool Toy Shiba base that include any of the original files

-upload assets for people to their account without them purchasing the Pool Toy Shiba asset

-upload public models, even as a commission for client to clone without them purchasing the Pool Toy Shiba asset

Please do not remove the watermark.

Updates may be posted if fixes or additions show up, please message me on Twitter(@Toasty_Sheeb) or Telegram(@MaitakeShiba) if you need help with anything, to suggest features, or give tips on issues that need a fixed release version.

Coupon Codes may be given to people who help with useful fixes and give details on how issues can be reproduced!

Publish Date: September 2021

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UnityPackage set up for uploading to VRChat and companion files for customization.

Unity Package set up for use in VRChat
FBX for user modification, contained in Unity Package
Substance Painter File included
Sample Generated PSDs included


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