Canine Plush VRChat Avatar Base

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K9Plush PC avatar for VRChat (Good Ranked Avatar ~33000tris, Optimized VRAM usage ~60MiB VRAM, very good full-body tracking, use height scaling, head or head+hip lock work well)

  • Please view the guide video, custom shader and substance file may not be self explanatory.
  • Contains sample scene, prefabs, and sample textures for the model for quick upload. Also contains a substance painter file for recoloring or redesigning.
  • Contains SDK3 configured gestures and animations
  • A few body blend shapes for customization in Unity
  • Substance files set up for color-picking recolors or for complex edits.
  • 7z files contain Substance Painter File, PSDs are not provided as Substance is the only way this is re-texturable properly.

Requires Substance Painter 8.2.0 or later to edit!

The model is provided as a single purchase as a license to use the files.

To use this model, you will need:

  • "New User" rank(blue)
  • An understanding of uploading VRChat avatars
  • A moderate proficiency in Substance Painter 8.2.0 or later

Package import order:

  • Create a new project with the VRChat Creator Companion
  • K9Plush unitypackage, Contains required shaders

With this model you may:

-take re-texture commissions only if both you and your client have purchased the K9Plush asset, you can verify that that the client has purchased it by messaging me

-combine parts of my models or kit-bash onto or from other models as a commission only if both you and your client have purchased the K9Plush asset

-create personal kit bashes with parts of the model or create personal modifications of the K9Plush asset

With this model you may NOT :

-claim the model, base, or parts as your own, distribute files, or resell any parts or modifications of the K9Plush base that include any of the original files

-Upload the model to social platforms like Tower Unite, that do not allow private models

-upload assets for people to their account without them purchasing the K9Plush asset

-upload public models, even as a commission for client to clone regardless of whether the client purchased the model

Updates may be posted if fixes or additions show up, please message me on Twitter(@Toasty_Sheeb) or Telegram(@MaitakeShiba) if you need help with anything, to suggest features, or give tips on issues that need a fixed release version.

Coupon Codes may be given to people who help with useful fixes and give details on how issues can be reproduced!

Publish Date: Jun 2023

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Unity Package set up for use in VRChat

FBX for user modification
Substance Painter Files included
Tutorial video
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Canine Plush VRChat Avatar Base

18 ratings
I want this!